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Free Venue Rental


Venue rental is a service that allows you to book a guaranteed time and place for your special event! No gil required! 

Designed for FCs, individuals and in game organizations without the perfect venue who still want to host events.

For a quality experience, renting a venue will ensure that the entire community center is booked for your event. 


Service includes:

  • Ability to dye certain venue walls to match your theme!

  • Ability to have the property locked after the event starts to ensure only your guest list can attend!

  • Free advertisement!

Specialty Venue Rental

Are you an avid decorator?

Do you have the perfect design in mind but no venue to decorate for your event?

The Specialty Venue Rental service is just for you!


The MCC has a medium plot that can be rented for up to a week for your events! This is a venue that can be emptied out solely for the purpose of your decorations. Decorate the interior and exterior as little or as much as you'd like! 

Plot Location: Midgardsormr Lavender Beds, Ward 11, Plot 30

How it works:
Enter in a venue rental request, designate that you'd like to rent the specialty venue. Once your event has been confirmed on the Event Calendar, send an application to the FC with the character that will be decorating the venue. Once accepted, you are free to design! 

Once your rental period has ended, your character will be removed from the FC.

All we ask is that once your rental period has ended you remove all of your decor.

Although, we'll be happy to dispose of decor for you as well!


Data Center Wide Events


Home of the Housing Tour!

The MCC will continue to host all of the great events that we've been hosting since early 2018!


These events are available to the Aether Data Center and any guests who would like to make an alt on Midgard! (We even have an FC for you to join for easy teleports and amenity access!)

Events include:

Housing Tours

Scavenger Hunts

Spot the Difference Challenges

Discord Contests (Midgardsormr Server Participants only)

Glamour Contests

Future Events:

(Once we figure out how to do this!)

Tea Party Socials (Coming Soon!)
RP Events

RP Duels



Workshop Access


Workshop Wednesdays Are Here!

Ever wanted to craft items that are FC workshop exclusives? Well now you can! 

Bring all of the finished mats, and our dedicated party of alts will get you settled straight away!

The MCC commits to have every recipe unlocked as soon as possible!

Current Status: All recipes are currently unlocked.

**This service is available every Wednesday from 7-9 EST. Please enter your request by the Monday before the Wednesday slot you'd like to reserve. 48 Hour notice is required to ensure proper coverage.**


Each guest gets a 20 minute block. In order to ensure that we can fit in everyone who would like something crafted, you will be limited to 3 crafted items per time slot.

(If you'd like to craft FC buffs, we will craft as many that can fit in a 20 minute window)

Have your own party but don't have access to a workshop? No problem, you can temporarily join the FC and use the workshop. Guests who go this route can use the workshop any day of the week!

*Process* You will join the MCC party of 3, trade your mats to Erys Night and then wait while the project is finished. 


Please arrive at the workshop 5 minutes early to verify that you have all of the required mats in your inventory. 

**Disclaimer** The MCC will not leave any projects in the workshop, so please come prepared. Incomplete projects will be discarded if they cut into another guests reservation. 


Photo Studio


Commemorate your event at the Crystalline Scene!

We have an all white back drop that's perfect for gpose and reshade photos!

More Photo Studios colors to come in 2020 including a black backdrop and a green backdrop for all your green screen needs!

Wandering Souls FC


Carry On My Wayward Soul*


Are you a lost soul of Amaurot?

Wandering aimlessly until your home has been restored?

Well, while you're searching, why not rest a while with us?


The Wandering Souls service allows guests who are in-between FCs a temporary respite. 

This is not a regular FC, we have no designs on being an official free company. This is a service that allows people use of all the FC amenities while they search for their new home. Come and go at your leisure!
To join, send us an application in-game!

*Yes, we know the lyric is "son" :)