AoYoru Raid Cafe
AoYoru Raid Cafe

Top Floor

AoYoru Raid Cafe
AoYoru Raid Cafe

Top Floor

The Crystalline Scene
The Crystalline Scene

Basement: Photobooth!

AoYoru Raid Cafe
AoYoru Raid Cafe

Top Floor

AoYoru Raid Cafe
Venue Type: Social Cafe
Entertainment tags: community, crafting, performance stage, role-play cafe
Description: Welcome to the AoYoru Raid Cafe, a venue built in the open air. Featuring a glass floor, a shadow puppet wall and stage for all your performance needs!
Comments from the Designer: Floating all of these things was a pain but the end result feels worth it! <3 One of my favorite areas in the Community Center.

The Grand Hall

Venue Bonus:
Elevator to the Top Floor
Description: Just walk into the elevator and jump! You'll be given a ride!
Lala tested/Lala approved 
Venue Type: Seasonal Decor Hall
Entertainment tags: community, seasonal, performance stage, screenshots
Description: Welcome to the Grand Hall, a venue built to honor celebration! Featuring a stage and seasonal decor for all your screenshotting needs!
Comments from the Designer: Designed so that the furnishings and partitions can be dyed each season as well!

The Crystalline Scene

Venue Type: Glamour Hall
Entertainment tags: community, glam contests, performance stage, screenshots, RP Duels
Description: Welcome to the Crystalline Scene! A venue built to worship all things glamorous
Comments from the Designer: This room was very fun to make! I can't wait until events are hosted here!

Venue Bonus: Streamer Support
Description: A special section has been designed just for streamers!
You have a crystal clear V.I.P. view of the stage!

The Captain's Lounge

Venue Type: Tabletop Lounge
Entertainment tags: community, tabletop games, social hangouts, discord socials
Description: Welcome to the Captain's Lounge! Our gracious Captain Picklepaws has allowed us use of his personal space in the hopes that we make as many good memories here as he has! 
Comments from the Designer: Captain Picklepaws is my Odder Otter minion. #noshame #otterlife


The Captain's Den

Venue Type: Social Lounge
Entertainment tags: community, social hangouts, message book, easter eggs
Description: What happens in the Captain's Den, stays in the Captain's Den, Otter's orders! He's not responsible for whatever you might find here and he claims in advance not to know anything. 
Comments from the Designer: Oh my dear odder otter....


Alpha's Academy

Venue Type: Classroom
Entertainment tags: community, role play, social hangout, screenshots
Description: Welcome to Alpha's Academy! Here you'll learn all the things you need to know as a W.O.L. including the Eorzean Alpha-bet! Textbooks not included!
Comments from the Designer: Cute and quaint without any overbearing decorations to detract from an imagined scene!


Aymeric's Sitting Room

Venue Type: Sitting Room
Entertainment tags: community, relaxation, crafting, sales
Description: Welcome to Aymeric's Sitting Room! A spacious respite from the splendor of the Crystalline Scene. Come relax up here when you want a moment of peace and quiet. 
Comments from the Designer: Designed to be simple and spacious. The perfect spot for #Netflix and Craft